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Milkshake Mixers

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Brand: Servicevend Model: KDM450
Commercial Milkshake / Frappe Drink Mixer (Ideal for Shmoo thick shakes!)A commercial drinks mixer, ideal for milkshakes, frappes, smoothies and Freddo cappuccinos. A 2-position plastic hook holds the included stainless steel cup, while a 3kg metal weight in the base ensures great balance and stabil..
Brand: Shmoo Model: 10087
Use the Shmoo Spindle Mixer with the Shmoo Milkshake powders to create delicious thick shakes in seconds.The Shmoo Mixer takes up minimal space, has low running costs, is very easy to clean, and is very quiet - making it an ideal choice for any business or home-user wanting to create tasty milkshake..
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