The Primo MINI & MIDI

These instant coffee machines use the latest compact technology to deliver 7 (MINI) or 12 (MIDI) tasty drink choices from a user-friendly menu. Save energy consumption by taking advantage of their eco standby modes. The Mini contains three canisters for chocolate, milk and coffee whereas the Midi included four canisters for chocolate, milk, coffee and sugar.

Midi and Mini

Vending Machine Features:

  • Play video adverts, company messages and slideshows on the 7 inch touch screen complete with sound (TOUCH model only)
  • Italian high pressure espresso brewing system
  • World renowned Swiss made Ditting ceramic grinder for consistent drink quality - every drink, every time
  • Easy-to-fill ingredient canisters for self-operation
  • Large bean hopper - more than 25% larger capacity than a market equivalent
  • Separate delivery outlet for hot water - pure and simple
  • Programmable LED multi -Illumination mood lighting ? an impressive feature for any meeting room or showroom
  • Automatic and easy-to-operate cleansing programs
  • High-quality rotary vane pump delivers consistent water pressure for a perfectly extracted espresso
  • Moveable cup stand for jug fill facility for those all important meetings
  • Intelligent energy saving mode - a key feature for all environmentally conscious businesses
  • Stylish payment module available for change giver
  • Easy to add any payment option
  • Touch sensitive keypad
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Quick vend times
  • Great range of delicious drinks
  • Paperless Brewer
  • Standard UK warranty
  • Personalised branding options to menu and door
Midi and Mini

Machine Specification


Cup Capacity: No internal cup dropper - use of own china/paper cups


230 Volts AC +/- 10%


  • MIDI Machine: 569mm x 521mm x 409mm
  • MINI Machine: 569mm x 501mm x 248mm


Empty machine: 36Kg

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Cheshire Vending Machines supply a range of premium quality, branded hot and cold drink & snack products, including a new range of Healthy Choices.


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