Healthy Vending Machines

Healthy Vending Machines

Soon, the only vending machines allowed within schools will be those selling healthy products that conform with government legislation.

Not all companies are flexible enough to offer these machines, or such a wide variety of healthy products.

The new rules are so strict that they make it very difficult for companies to conform to the new legislation successfully.

Not one company supplies locally manufactured produce, until now! We provide flexible machines which have 14 product choices available and can be adapted to any new product that is available in the future.

We use as much local produce as is possible, currently 70% of products are produced within the local area.

As a seasoned professional company, established over 15 years, we provide local, experienced engineers and operators giving a very high standard of service. We provide free equipment and services, 100% no cost to the customer and with a generous rebate back to the customer for all sales.

Cheshire Vending Machines supply a range of premium quality, branded hot and cold drink & snack products, including a new range of Healthy Choices.


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Healthy Vending Machines vending machine from Cheshire Vending - Your established, trusted vending machine company for Chester, Cheshire & throughout North Wales - is just one of the modern, stylish vending machines which we supply and service. When teamed with our range of premium quality, value for money products including a new healthy choices range; you can't do better than a Cheshire Vending Machine!

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