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Brand: Servicevend Model: 10LNAT1UN-CAP51BLACKT/E
10 litre Food safe pre-mix storage containers for slush products.Use these containers to pre-mix your dilution for your slush machines.No more messy mixing in the bowl. Easy to use, easy to lift containers to enable you to get your dilution just right.Simply mix 6 litre of water plus your Dragon s..
Ex Tax:£7.00
Brand: Servicevend Model: KDM450
Commercial Milkshake / Frappe Drink Mixer (Ideal for Shmoo thick shakes!)A commercial drinks mixer, ideal for milkshakes, frappes, smoothies and Freddo cappuccinos. A 2-position plastic hook holds the included stainless steel cup, while a 3kg metal weight in the base ensures great balance and stabil..
Ex Tax:£157.50
Brand: Servicevend Model: KDM-MINI
Mini Milkshake/Frappé Drink Mixer (Ideal for Shmoo thick shakes!)For low volume commercial outlets & domestic use. This Kalko mixer is ideal for milkshakes, frappes, smoothies & Freddo cappuccinos. Features two speeds and a waterproof switch. Perfect for domestic kitchen counters.Note: ..
Ex Tax:£79.99
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